Thursday, June 13, 2013

Corina's visit

Corina made her yearly pilgramiage to the VMS household this year in April! It was a total surprise to us, even Ben didn't know! She had been in cahoots with my mother and only a few others knew and kept the secret.

I came home from a bridal shower to find my Corina sitting in my living room just as you please. It's a good thing no one was videotaping me, or I would have been forced to put it on here and you all would have seen my *ahem* loud reaction and jumping up and down when I saw her.

We had a lovely visit and many, many chats. It's true that bosom friends really never run out of things to talk about. We shared many laughs, watched movies and tv shows, ate grilled cheese, drank coffee, went for walks. Thanks Corina for doing lots of dishes, watching kids, entertaining kids, taking Katie for how many? walks and the many many talks!

A Raggedy Ann doll for Katie from Opa and Oma Kattenberg!


**credit goes to Corina for almost all these pictures.

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