Monday, June 10, 2013

Emma 17 months

What can I say about my Emma at 17 months.

She still scoots around on her bum. She doesn't like to try to walk and will just try to sit down if you make her. She doesn't mind standing, but not for long.
Emma learned how to blow this train whistle a while ago and was pretty pleased with herself too.

She naps every couple mornings, or when she's really cranky for an hour or so. She also naps every afternoon for at least three hours.

She's in bed everynight at 7pm and usually sleeps until 7:30/8am.

She's a pretty decent eater, but is impatient and loves to stuff her face. We have to watch her and only give her a few pieces on her tray at a time.

She LOVES her daddy and usually calls for him every morning as I bring her downstairs.

She's also a totally mommy's girl and will very often burst into tears if I ask someone else to hold her at church, even Ben!

She likes lots of people and enjoys watching other kids.
  She loves music and will start swaying and bopping to most songs and usually bops with the beat.

She whines. A. lot. She's always been a whiner, since day one, but it's getting worse and louder. I think it's mostly her frustration of not being about to talk, but she whines. Loudly. I'm teaching her more sign language, which I think is helping.

She enjoys a good joke and her favourite is to say "dada" when I ask her to "mama

She is stubborn. That little chin goes up in defiance more than I'd like. The problem is, she does it with such a cheeky grin on her face and twinkle in her eye, it's hard not to laugh at her.

She loves Katie, but knows exactly how to pest her. Katie however, doesn't have a lot of patience for Emma.

She's a flirt. She loves to be coy with certain people, mostly men.

She sucks her right thumb, but occasionally seems to favour her left hand when picking up toys, eating etc... hmmmm......

I can quite often "catch" her on time to use the potty. Saves me a dirty diaper! She also will frequently pee on the potty. I haven't been ambitious enough to try all day though. Until she can talk, there isn't really any way she can tell me that she has to go.

She loves the sandbox and will sit on the bench all morning turning around and playing.

She gets annoyed by conventional things done to toddlers. Don't try to coochiecoo her or tickle her whenever, she'll squawck her annoyance.

She's a love and such a boof. She can make us laugh many times with her antics and her silliness!


  1. Aww, she is such a cutie! You know, anyone who argues that children learn bad habits from bad parenting have probably never spent time with a baby! They can be just as sinful as anyone else! Thanks for the updates Heather; it's nice to be able to keep up with "home folks" even from so far away. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your blog. It lets me into your lives - I really enjoy. Glad to hear the sign language is helping