Monday, June 03, 2013


The first three weeks of May were an absolute zoo! Meetings and trips were in abundance and I think we had one weekday evening when we were both home and not working.

Ben went to Mississauga for a two-day work conference. He has a new lazer machine at work (used for engraving anything from headstones to wine bottles) and went to a conference on tool and techniques for operating a lazer.

The following week I was gone for a Word & Deed conference in west Michigan. I left Thursday after lunch and was back Saturday at supper. I really enjoyed, not only the change in scenery but the things we learned and time spent with my colleagues and board members. I feel a little guilty about how little I missed my kiddos though. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, but it was SO nice to eat food I didn't have to make, and it was SO nice to eat it without having to feed someone else at the same time. Adult conversation at breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes please!

Our church is planning on putting an addition in a few years and Ben is chair of the fund-raising committee. It means a few extra meetings and other tasks on his list, but he really enjoys it and has a great committee with a lot of good ideas!

I was a little behind on some book keeping, so I spent May putting in quite a few hours and working quite a few nights catching up.

Katie got her ears pierced! Oh the drama, I tell you. You can read about the drama here.

Ben built a sandbox for the girls on the Maylong weekend and a toy box a few weeks after with the leftover wood. Finally a place to keep all the outside toys!

I washed almost all my (downstairs) big, wide, trim and curtains. I still need to do the other half. 

I made 80 tart shells for the freezer. They're SO handy to have and I found a really easy and yummy lemon tart recipe which I made a few times and just pour into my frozen shells and popped into the oven!

We had a nice get together on Victoria Day with Ben's side for a few birthdays and Mother's day. Fireworks completed the evening!

I boiled out my diapers, and wash cloths which look and smell much better! 

I started the "Trim Healthy Mama" book and by doing it (not even all that faithfully) I've lost five pounds. I wasn't really expecting to lose anything so when someone mentioned it and I stepped on the scale, I was pleasantly surprised!  The website I linked isn't the greatest, so here's a review that has a little more of an overview.

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  1. I'm starting THM too! But yeah not really for weight loss...more to keep healthy and maintain my weight.