Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rose Wreath

I saw a picture on Pinterest (big surprise I know) and wanted one just like it.  I have trouble with "creative" license. The trouble being, I don't like to take it. If I see something I like, I usually want that exact one, not one that I tweaked. I'm scared of tweaking. This one I didn't mean to tweak, it just happened. But now, I like it; ok LOVE it!


 I used the same "techniques" she did. Click HERE to see her tutorial. I use unbleached coffee filters in my coffee pot so that's what I had on hand when I decided one morning to start painting coffee filters. It was to my advantage as it gave the look I wanted, especially since I was just using my kids' finger paint mixed with water. I can't remember how many filters I used, maybe 200? I had them all drying in my kitchen on string strung back and forth. I spent a morning painting these filters and I may or may not have been in my pajamas for a good portion. You may ask where my kids were? Emma was in bed for a good portion of the morning and Katie was probably playing or watching me or watching a Road to Avonlea with me.  Again, my memory fails. I have no pictures of the actual process only the final product. It took hours, literally, (that's for you Hanna), to do it all. And then the roses sat in a basket for a week or two, or three, maybe four (there's that memory again) until I finally glued them on a wreath frame.  But by now, I'm sure you're all dying of curiosity to know what my wreath looks like. Ok here you go!

 Ya want another look? Ok ok, here you go!

I think it was totally worth my time since I get to keep it in my house and enjoy it! This baby is gonna be up there for a while!


  1. Love the colours! Really suits your house.

  2. oh hey! i was admiring that wreath last week at lunch! i would have never guessed you made it (because it looks so professional - not because you aren't crafty - you're the queen of awesome homemade goodness). Great job :)

  3. Very cool - it turned out great! I love it...literally! (haw haw)

  4. Wow, that turned out cool eh? Good job!!

  5. Very cute! And if you hadn't said you had tweaked it, I would never know--the paint type? the colours? Shrug.

  6. love your wreath Heather! and catching up on your blog I enjoyed the ear piercing pics! fun that your friend could capture the moments for you. K is such a cutie. I'm sure her 'drama' and spunk adds to your life :)