Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hot weather=water time!

We had a wading pool last year for Katie. Just an inflatable, $10 one, but by the end of the summer it had seen better days and had a few holes. Emma is a little too small right now for a pool, unless I'm RIGHT there beside her. We found this splash matt onsale for $9, and thought it would be perfect for the girls on hot days. Emma loved it and drank lots of the water. Katie wouldn't stay still in it very long because it was too cold. And here I thought kids were immune to cold water. I'd still like to get a hard sided kiddie pool, but I'm hoping to pick up a free one somewhere.

Add captionIf you look closely, you can see Emma having a drink from one of the many "fountains"

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  1. You can have our crab! It's in the backyard...needs a little cleaning! We've moved up :-)