Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Ben was gone to Synod, which is basically one big, long meeting for the leaders of our churches. He was a delegate along with another member of our church council. He really enjoyed his time meeting with other men, but was happy to come home after three days of it!

I wove a blanket when Ben was gone. A post will be coming soon!

Ben had a tooth pulled after an infection. The other option was root canal and possible crown. Yuck! It was at the back on bottom, so he got it yanked. Now we match as I had a back molar pulled in March. 

I had two weeks of being gone every. single. morning. That was busy. I felt it, the kids felt it and my house felt it! It was such a treat to stay home after that! I'm actually a big "homebody." If I have a choice, I would usually stay home which is weird since I actually am mostly an extrovert. mmmm... figure that one out!

We polyurethaned our front porch. We scraped and Varsoled the sap off and then did it again. The sun is causing the sap in the wood (which we probably let "weather" for a year before staining/sealing) to bubble up and nicely get stuck to your shoes/feet/any part of you that touched it. It was gross and annoying. The polyurethane mostly helped. There are still a few trouble spots that we'll need to scrap, but most of it is gone.

We had a big fundraising yard sale at our church which Ben was heavily  involved with. He's chairing the committee, so that's a lot of work, but he has a really good group of people on the committee that do a lot of good work!

We had our church picnic this month as well. Lots of fun, despite the threat of rain, the weather turned out pretty well although we did nix the water games.

Ben stayed home for a day while I went to work for meetings. It was a nice change, but Ben's pretty sure he's not cut out to be a stay-at-home Dad. I love working, and I very glad don't have to choose between work and staying home, because I can do both! It was a nice break to spend a day in the office, but boy was I exhausted when I came home! I'm very thankful I can do most of my work from my home office!

I made 80 tart shells for my freezer (well I gave half away, but still lots for my freezer). I have a super easy recipe from my mom that bake up so well! They're SO handy to have in the freezer when you quickly need to whip something up for Sunday coffee!

Ben and I picked strawberries one evening. The place was supposed to be open until 8, but when we got there at 6:30, the girl said they were closing at 7pm! We picked quickly and managed to pick 23 quarts in 25 minutes! The plants were loaded and the berries were delicious! We hulled and froze most of them that night and made jam the next night. We also enjoyed some fresh for breakfast! So yum!

Ben helped his cousin put on a new roof over a couple different days. His cousin isn't so fond of heights and Ben is super comfortable walking around on a roof, so he didn't mind at all. Ben also says, he enjoys roofing, but then again, he doesn't do it every day.

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