Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MBC 2013

This year we went on a different kind of holiday. It wasn't really camping; it wasn't staying at friends, it wasn't a hotel, but it was wonderful! We rented a trailer at Muskoka Bible Centre which is, as you can read, is up in the Muskokas. It was about a 4-4 1/2 hour drive from our place. The kids behaved very well on the way up, sleeping for a portion, playing, reading books and doing the old fashioned thing of looking out the windows. We left at 6:45am and stopped once for breakfast and we were there about lunchtime.


I painted my toes on the road; can you tell where we hit the bumps?

Well... I...uh... just... uh.... needed a kleenex?

The trailer was a 32' from the 90's, complete with blue and pink floral patterns. It was well used and not as well loved, but it was a good price and definitely a step up from camping and sleeping on the floor with two little kids. Seriously though, I did actually enjoy staying in the trailer. It suited us very well and it was also convenient that the blue and pink floral hides dirty finger prints so well. Here are a few pictures of our humble abode for a week. It had a lovely deck on it too which was perfect for Emma to play on.

 This little kitchen worked quite well for us, although we forgot Emma's booster chair, so meals were a little bit of a challenge.
 This couch turned into a bed which we slept on. It actually was fairly comfortable and I slept like a log every night.
 The door you can kind of see on the right is the bathroom. It opens into the "hall" and latches forming a little bathroom/bedroom area.
 We only used one bunk for sleeping. Katie slept on a lower one, Emma was in a playpen inbetween (which barely fit) and our clothes and everything else were scattered on the rest of the bunks.
 Teeny little sink!
The bathroom closet. Nothing to write home about, but SO nice to have our own "bathroom" right there.

The girls were up early every morning. I think the latest they slept in was 7:30am and that was only one day. Most days were around the 6:30am mark. Because they shared sleeping quarters once one woke up, there wasn't much hope for the other. They're also really good at pesting one another, so it was easier for us to just get up instead of lying in bed and hoping a few more minutes of sleep. Well by we, I really mean Ben. Honestly gals (and any guys that read this) I have got one gem of a husband. He not only got up first every morning and let (I use that term somewhat loosely) me lay in bed, he also made breakfast every morning. And not just cereal either: pancakes, bacon and eggs, oatmeal. You name it; my man can make it!  But, I did help out by while laying in bed. I had the girls in the bed with/on me and fed them a banana while breakfast was being made. I know, I'm self sacrificing like that. 

Chapel was at 10am every morning, so we had plenty of time to get ready for that.  Because we were up early, we didn't have to rush for breakfast and could take our time walking down the hill. MBC is built a on hill, so we probably walked the equivalent of the St George hill(s) (for those of you who know our area) twice daily. It was a good workout and even Katie walked down and back up every day. Chapel was usually around an hour long, but the kids' program was two. Can you see me smiling? That smile is for the extra hour afterward that we all could enjoy our coffee sans kidlets. Katie LOVED the program; Emma tolerated it. Actually Emma slept for good portions of each morning, but was also very glad to see us when we came to pick her up. Katie was usually very tired after the program and had a good, deep nap each afternoon. We started sending her to the evening program (there is Chapel everynight again at 7pm) half way through the week since she wasn't sleeping until 8:30 anyways. She would come home tired again and be asleep within minutes. Perfect!

We went to the beach three out of seven days. Not a ton, but the weather was pretty cool for a few days. The girls loved the beach. They haven't had a ton of water exposure in their young lives, but they thoroughly enjoyed this one! I managed to turn myself a lovely shade of red one day and I missed putting sunscreen on a small part of Katie back the same day. I didn't know until the next day, when the clear outline of fingers could be seen and the glaring red stared back at me. Thankfully she didn't seem to notice, but I felt bad for her. I was pretty sore from my burn, but the vanity in me was glad for the tan it would turn into.


 She's such a ham!

 The boys had to build a sand castle....

 I just had to include the next set of pictures. This was the final, crowning glory of the sand castle. Watch their Steve's expression as the bucket comes off! Such boys!

The final product!

 Katie was not shy and just walked up to random people....

I heard a lot of "She/Emma is SOO blond!" while at the beach.
 Some of the crowd

Because our trailer was a little distance from everyone else we knew that was there, we only made it one campfire on the last night. One of our friend's girls came and stayed/slept on our couch so we could go and have some fun. It was very nice and fun too!

 We had pie irons at our campfire one night and evening campfire at our place another night.  Ben's parents came over a few nights too. The other nights we just read our books and played cards. We're pretty boring people, so we were in bed most nights by 10:30. When you're up at 6:30 every morning early bedtime is very appealing.

I read a ton of books. Mostly just easy reads; I went through  my juvenile library and picked out a few that I hadn't read in 10-15 years. There are a few non-fiction: Farmer Boy (which we're reading to Katie. I wanted to keep reading so I did after she was in bed) The Dog that Wouldn't Be is also a fun read about Farley Mowat's life growing up in Saskatchewan.  I read a couple Georgette Heyer which are Jane Austen-type books. One of the things that is so fun about those books is that while there is romance in the book, it's not the central theme. The language and turns of phrase also make for a very enjoyable read. I also read a murder mystery, a Western, a classic or two and of course some humour thrown in for good measure. Sigh... it was good for my soul to just read to my heart's content. Well most of the time. I usually got a good hour or two each evening when Ben went to Chapel. Books and chocolate.. sigh... the life!

Here are some random pictures of the week.

Ben played a couple hours of soccer one afternoon. It was a nice, cool day for it.

 Anyone for tennis?

 Grandpa, are you bald?
 Love! I have a lot of pictures of Katie and Ben's dad walking hand-in-hand. There's something special there.

 Ben's parents took us out for icecream one night. Katie's waiting patiently on the rocks to eat her icecream.
 I love this one! I think she's SO pretty!
 A campfire for smores!
 The beach one early morning.

 Tradition! The best we could get after too many attempts!
It was a lovely, lovely vacation! I am convinced that MBC is a great place to go and I definitely want to go back!


  1. I like the cozy trip up pics! It was a blast of a week.

  2. Great pictures - memories of a wonderful summer holiday for you!
    Thanks for bringing me my daily smile.

  3. What a great blog post....finally read your blog :-). Makes me want to go back up to MBC again! Great pictures. Love the one of Katie and Dad :-).