Monday, August 19, 2013


Me: Katie, eat your bread.
Katie: I can't; my teeth don't work.

Hey Mom! We have a glue tree!  (actually just a regular cedar, dripping sap. )

I asked Katie to go upstairs and make sure her bedroom light was off. She stands at the bottom of the stairs and hollers, "Light? Are you off?" pause... "ok, good. Yup Mom, the light is off."

Katie's Sunday School teacher is Miss Kim. Miss Kim is everyone's favourite and never fails in getting a smile out of a kid or making them feel welcome and at home. Katie, just like all the other kids, loves Miss Kim. Katie also has no filter and says whatever comes out of her mouth. This is how a recent conversation with Miss Kim went.

Katie: "Hi Miss Kim! So are we going to class today or not?"
Kim: "No, Katie, there isn't Sunday school today; we don't have Sunday school until September. "
Katie: "So... why are you here then? "

Katie was shining a mirror around and looking at the reflection dancing everywhere. "Look it's refreckling!"

Katie: I can't see anything! Can you wipe my tears!?

I was singing Katie a song one night about how if God cares for the birds and the flowers, He also cares for and loves us. Katie asked, "and God loves me? When I was born?" She then asked about what everyone else said when she was born and why. My response was each time "Because he/she loves you!" After a few of these, Katie paused and asked, "Oh? Does everybody love me?"

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  1. My favs:
    "Light, are you off?" and "refreckling." Very cute!