Wednesday, September 04, 2013

August 2013

We went blueberry picking one Saturday. Ben's parents graciously took our girls for the morning, so we could pick in peace. We picked about 30lbs, half for my parents and half for us. We froze them all on cookie sheets and tossed them into bags in the freezer. Three and a half big Ziploc bags to last us through the winter!

We took a little trip to the Aylmer Fair with the girls and my brother and his girlfriend. Katie and Emma rode the Merry-go-Round and loved it. We also watched the derby smash up which Emma liked, but Katie didn't. 

I made relish from the cucumbers and peppers from our garden. I got 14 jars and a bit out of a double batch. It's so much tastier than store-bought relish and so rewarding use up those cucumbers that got missed in the picking.

Ben spent a week of evenings volunteering with our church's Summer Boys & Girls' Club. He played sports with the kids and then stayed afterwards to do a quick clean for the next day. He was gone from 6-9:30 pm from Monday to Friday, so we definitely missed him!

Katie ran a high fever one Sunday and after a trip to the ER we found out our suspicions were right and that she had a UTI. No fun for her. She pretty miserable, but the antibiotics did wonders!

Ben installed the garage door we bought off Kijiji last year. It is a wooden panel door that he had to sand and paint. He also had to rebuild two of the sections and put new panels in. He also hung some board siding on two sides of the garage.
We canned peaches this month too! We drove out to Smithville to Hipple Farms and picked four bushels of peaches:  two bushels for us and two for Ben's sister. We also looked at a house with my brother and had a lovely dinner and visit with our friends, Ian and Hanna. We canned 39 jars of peaches and 8 jars of jam the next week. Delicious!

I came down with a terrible sinus infection and bronchitis the second week of August. It put me out of commission for a week. Ben was very helpful picking up the slack even taking an afternoon off to help me can peaches. What a dreamboat, eh?

Ben rented a aluminium break to bend flashing for around our windows and trim work. He got the garage done and the windows on the back of the house. It looks so much better!

Ben's Grandma VMS passed away the second last week of August. She had been in a nursing home for over six years after suffering a stoke in 2006. She had a heart attack and went to the hospital on Friday afternoon. She was still very much aware of her surroundings and all her children had a chance to see her and talk with her before she passed away early Saturday morning. Her trust and confidence was in our Lord and Saviour and we are comforted to know she's in heaven with Jesus!

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