Monday, September 16, 2013

Greenview Aviaries

Ben's parents treated all their kids to a trip to Greenview Aviaries with our families on the September long weekend. Eric and Becky met us their from Leamington and Becky's parents and niece came along too! It was a lovely day for it, with the sun peaking out, but not making it too unbearably hot.  The kids had loads of fun looking at the animals and playing on the playground. We packed a big picnic lunch and all stuffed ourselves so we could hardly move! And we still had food leftover! I didn't take many pictures of the animals, but a few of the kids.

 There were a bunch of trampolines for kids to jump on.
 Mom brought cake and coffee for when we got there. Yum!
 Emma LOVED the ball pit!

 And like any kid, she loves the swings too!

 Uncle Brian was "helping." Sure sure.. he just wanted a ride too!

 Matching girls! We didn't even plan it!

 Lauren will be a great babysitter. Only three more years!
 Ben and Eric played a hard game of tether ball. They probably played half an hour straight!

Sleepy girl; she missed her nap.

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