Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Random Summer Pictures

I've been a little slack on blogging this summer (big surprise, I know). I thought I'd catch up with some pictures of life in the VMS house.
 Apparently she was itching for winter.
 This girl LOVES dressup!

 This was my attempt to get a picture of her with pigtails.
 Emma finally started walking around furniture.
 We went to the beach a few days during that scorcher week. It was so nice to cool off, but Ben sprained his neck doing a handstand in the water, so that wasn't so fun. Thankfully a few trips to the chiropractor set things straight. Get it? get it? Har har.

  Caught red-handed. I thought it was a little quiet in there.
She got up, but couldn't get back down.
 Just readin'

 Watching so intensely, probably Richard Scary or Pingu.
I babysat my nephew for a bunch of evenings and Katie took it upon herself to "babysit" him one night. She was just sitting there chatting with him.

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