Thursday, October 17, 2013

Emma at 21 months

Emma started walking at 20 months. Since then she has grown/developed by leaps and bounds. She's a much happier kid and is really becoming her own little person. She's not really a baby anymore; she's a little girl!

 She's still not talking much but somehow can get exactly what she wants. She's still a demanding little person who wants it NOW. Tell me, how does one teach an almost-two-year-old patience?

She doesn't have a lot of tolerance for pesting either. I could/can pest Katie with kisses and tickles and she'd just laugh; if Emma isn't in the mood, she will take it for about five seconds and then squawk her annoyance.

Emma also knows how to get attention. Mamamamamamamamamamamamaamammamamamammam!

She wants everything, and I mean everything, her big sister has/does/gets. She doesn't necessarily want the exact item, but something like it. Or if Katie does an antic, Emma will copy and wants attention for it. Actually it doesn't even have to be Katie; she just wants to be in on the action.
Emma is a fussy kid who wants things just so. When we went on vacation in July, she was squawking and pointing at something she wanted. I couldn't figure it out, until I closed the ketchup bottle lid. Then she was happy. Don't even think about sitting the "wrong" chair or drinking out of the "wrong" cup, she'll let you know! We laugh, but don't worry we're teaching her to "get over it."

She loves to be chased, especially from one person to another. She'll "run" and fall into the arms of the waiting person and bury her face in her your neck. The best feeling!

She's a super good cuddler when she's sad or after she's been naughty. She'll just throw herself on to you, arms all the way around you, patting your back as she cries, slobbering and drooling on your shoulder.

She has a doozy of a pout. It's really hard not to laugh at her when she's pouting after she's been disobedient or told 'no' very firmly . Most of the time she just bursts into tears and needs immediate reassurance and consolation, but sometimes she "holds it together" and just flips out that bottom lip. It's very adorable.

She LOVES her daddy and calls for him when she gets out of bed in the morning and waits excitedly for him to come home every day.

She's a pants clinger and will follow you around holding on to your pants or trying to anyways. She needs hugs, but they're like quick fuel ups. She doesn't want to sit for a long time on your lap, just a quick hug and she's done.

She knows all her animal sounds and can say most of them recognisably. She's starting to try more words instead of just ignoring my coaching efforts. She knows all her aunts and uncles and cousins too.
She plays "shy." She'll see someone get all excited and point, but then get "embarrassed?" and shy and hide her head in my neck. It's very cute.

She has small feet. She's a whole size smaller than Katie was at this age, and has slimmer feet as well. She's still in size 4 shoes. She wears the rest of her clothing according to her age.

She is cutting her bottom eye teeth. Her top came through in the last few weeks, actually with very little bother. She hasn't been a terrible teether which is a blessing.

Emma has the most kissable cheeks! Her little eyes get all squinky when she smiles and her little teeth peek out from her mouth. You can't help smiling when you look at her.
We turned a corner somewhere in the six months. I don't even know how/when it happened. She's a much happier, less whiny girl. We used to just shake our heads at her and wonder if she'd every stop whining, but somewhere it happened. She still has her days, but she's a happy, cheerful little girl, full of hugs and kisses (when she wants to). We love her to pieces and we are so thankful she's in our little family!

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