Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September 2013

We made 30 quarts of salsa the beginning of the month. It's good and spicy and delicious! We also canned half a dozen jars of straight tomatoes from our own garden.

I forgot to write down in August that we canned seven jars of pears too. Well actually Ben did all the work because he's amazing like that and I was lying on the couch dying with morning sickness.

I had my first midwife appointment and ultrasound and got to hear our wee babe's heartbeat and see him/her for the first time. Nothing like it!

We uneventfully celebrated eight years together on September 21st. All that rollerblading at Springbank park seems like a long time ago.

Church renos started the middle of the month. We have a break from our weekly cleaning, but Ben is still good and busy with the work going on. He took a day off to help with the demolition and has spent a bunch of other nights there working on stuff or cleaning up.

Emma learned how to walk! Hurray! She's so cute toddling around. 

We took another trip out to Beamsville and drove through ridiculous amounts of rain to look at a house with my brother and girlfriend. Unfortunately an offer had just been made and accepted, but we were still allowed to look through the house. Nick took us out for a lovely supper afterwards and we drove home in the setting sunshine towards a huge black cloud which we were sure was rain, but never actually reached.

Ben's been working away on the garage during the nice weather. We just need to do one more coat of paint, install soffits, do lots of caulking and we're done!

I ended the month by having a bunch of ladies over for a fun night of chatting, drinking apple cider and eating caramel corn. It was fun to just hang out without kiddos and chat away the evening!

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  1. Aaaah rollerblading in Springbank. that really does seem like a very, very long time ago!!!! :) Congrats on baby #3 too!!