Monday, November 25, 2013


Well I hit the halfway mark last week; I'm halfway done growing this baby. It's an amazing thing, growing a baby. I still look at each of my girls and think, wow, I grew her; she was inside me for nine months. Amazing.

Morning sickness left around week 13 and I could finally eat something besides cinnamon toast for breakfast. I was still napping until 16 weeks. I found the most effective naps were 10 minutes: not long enough to fall asleep (when that happens there is no hope for me) but long enough to give me a boost for the rest of the day. The last month I haven't napped at all, partly because I've been busy and partly because I've forgotten which means I'm not actually tired!

I have lovely pelvic girdle pain, which is literally a pain in the butt. It started about week 12 which is pretty early, but thankfully that portion has subsided just in time for my symphysis pubis pain to start up again. I got a band from my chiropractor to wear around my lower hips which is supposed to help by cinching my hips together. I think it does help a bit, but it's not magic, so I still have a fair amount of pain and unease getting up from a chair or rolling over in bed. So if you see me stagger up from a chair and waddle across a room, try to hide your snickering and snorking as much as possible.

I started feeling this baby move around 16 weeks; he/she is a nice wiggly baby and kicked hard enough for Ben to feel last week. I feel lots of wiggles usually within five minutes of sitting down. "Hello, Mom, stand up and walk around; lull me back to sleep!"

I felt "big and thick" right from the start, but I think it's finally starting to look like a baby bump and not an extra helping of dinner. So for documentation's sake, a picture.

Sorry, it's a bit crooked; this is the best I could do with selftimer. Also, just ignore my calendar that still says August.


  1. Growing a baby is so amazing eh?! Definitely worth the discomfort :) I know the pain - I had hip pain the entire B pregnancy! You look amazing though! I can't wait for another 19 weeks to pass! :)

  2. You look beautiful Heather . . and I too had a bit of the hip pain with Karter . . though I completely forget until I hear about the joys of it from someone else, and then I am reminded of those lovely "perks" of pregancy! Hope your energy continues and your pain subsides