Monday, November 04, 2013

October 2013

My younger brother got engaged to his lovely, girlfriend, Alyce. They've been going out for a few years and Alyce already feels like family. We'll be glad to welcome her to the family officially next spring some time!

I measured Katie and found out she had grown and inch and a quarter since June! That would explain some of her crankiness!

I finally turned on the furnace in the middle of the month! Usually our Ben's date is October 1st. VMS's don't turn the furnace on before October 1st! Don't you know! It's been a beautiful fall and not too cool, so we haven't had to. When it hit 17 degrees in the  morning though, I was cold enough to turn it on!

We went through about two weeks of kids getting up a lot in the middle of the night: bad dreams, lost puppies, fevers, etc. I'm not sure what brought it on, but it was definitely a reminder to be thankful we get to sleep eight hours straight most nights!

A friend of mine picked up a bushel bags of apples for $5 for us and Ben and I made 16 quarts of apple pie filling out of them. It took us about an hour and a half, maybe a bit more for the canner to finish up. Ben peeled all the apples with our apple peeler/corer thingy and the rest hardly took any time at all! We canned them in two-quart jars. One two-quart jar makes a 9x13 pan of apple crisp perfectly! I'm not a huge apple crisp person, but this stuff is delicious!

Our church renovations are finally done! Ben added up all his hours spent at the church cleaning up stuff, working on reno stuff and it was 70 hours in five weeks! No wonder it felt like he was always gone!

We made four batches of Hot Pepper Jelly. I grabbed some red peppers from the 50% off shelf (way too many it turned out) and figured if I was going to chop, I might as well make some right away. Well actually, that's not quite true. I chopped but was almost ready to just throw them in the freezer for another day, when Ben said he'd help because "we might as well do it now." It's delicious and spicy too: perfect on crackers with cream cheese.

My mom and I made apple pies again this year. My dad helped with peeling the apples in our peeler thing, and my mom and I did the pies. We made and baked 24 pies in approximately four hours, but when we were done, we were done, aka finished, aka, exhausted. BUT, we both have a dozen pies for our freezers!

I had a 24 hour flu; that was fun. It came out of nowhere and thankfully left just as quickly. A week later Katie came down with some sort of viral thing and got a fever, runny nose, very red, teary eyes and was just bla for a day. By day two she was much better and day three totally fine.

We got water in our basement. again. In four years we've had no water and then twice in one season. Ben figures it's because we had a new gas line pushed along the side of our house which shifted the soil which allowed the water to drain differently. The long and short of it is: sump pump.

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