Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Katie and her cousin, Charity had their first sleepover a few weeks ago. I expected to be running up and down the stairs telling them to settle down and be quiet, but I didn't have to at all. Charity was out like a light but Katie stayed awake for a bit. I did have to go and tell her to just go to sleep and not wake up Charity.

They were up early the next morning but kept eachother occupied so I could get a bit of extra sleep. They played wonderfully all day until about 3pm when Charity needed some space. Katie isn't a very spacing-giving girl, so it was hard for her to just let Charity be alone for a bit.

 They had to have matching hair!
 It was very fun for them and I'm sure the first of many sleepovers for these cousins!  "Bye, Thanks for coming Cherrrrty!"

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  1. This is sooo special! All my cousins lived in Europe, and although I knew about them, I never really knew them. Worshipping with cousins, playing with cousins, and sleepovers with cousins is not something to be taken for granted.