Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Back in June, when Ben was gone to Synod meetings, I wove him a blanket. We have a woven blanket that my mom made for us a few years ago, but we fight over it it's not quite big enough for two people to be covered completely while watching a movie. I wanted to try my hand at weaving and a blanket was the perfect, "easy" project. So while the cat's away, the mice will play!

My mom is an excellent teacher and guided me through the process. When you just see the finished product, you don't realize how much work goes into it all. I had some idea from watching my mom, but until I did it myself, I had no idea of the actual backbreaking labour involved.

I forgot how many hours it took me. I did it over a couple evenings and a day, so I'm thinking a good 10? hours. It was very enjoyable though and now we have one more cozy blanket to snuggle under.

So some pictures of the progress. I forget some of the lingo; it was back in June afterall. 

Nice, neutral colours to go with our non-neutral furniture.
 Winding the warp to get 360 ends(strands) 3.2 yards long.
 First batch of the warp on.

 Four strands had to go inbetween each "tooth." The thing with the teeth is called the Raddle. You can kind of see it on the next picture.
 Count and double check.
 All set up, the second time. I knocked the raddle off before I was done all the way the first time.
Katie nicely played while I worked.

 Each strand had to go through a tiny "eye."
 They had to stay in order according to headle too. I think this was my least favourite part.

 Slaying the reed. Every strand had to go through the eye of the headle and then the reed.
 That hook in the right hand was used to pull the strand of yarn through the reed which is that flat thing laying across the loom.
 All tied off, in batches of four again! Those strands aren't going anywhere now!
Weaving looks easy, but is surprisingly tricky. You have to throw the shuttle with just the right force. There were many times I threw it too hard and it almost broke the window, either that or not hard enough so it wouldn't go through all the way. But once I got the hang of it, it was actually quite relaxing.

What I saw while weaving. We unwound a part of it later to see what it was looking like. I have trust issues; I wanted to make sure it was going to look good!

 Done! I don't have any pictures of twisting the fringe. I had to count four, put two in each pincer and twice and tie. Only about 90 times for each end.
It's double this size. I couldn't get good picture of it all unfolded. If you want to see it all unfolded, you'll just have to come over! Oh and Ben was surprised. I didn't have it all the way done; the fringe needed to be twisted, but that didn't happen until several weeks later. Now it is used daily and even if you're not cold, you still want to snuggle under it because it's just so cozy!


  1. wow. excellent job. the throwing the shuttle through the window part made me chuckle. glad you didn't!! :)