Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Decorations

After at least six Saturdays in a row of activities and commitments, we finally had a Saturday of nothing(besides a few hours of church cleaning). It was a tad early for us to get our Christmas tree but when else were we going to have a Saturday with nothing going on?! We had a relaxed day of putting up Christmas decorations and setting up our tree. Ben was still recovering from his back issues, so it was a good day for him to spend a lot of time on the couch.

This is the first year our fireplace and mantel look nice and are able to really set our stockings to an advantage. In case anyone is wondering, my dear mother made all our beautiful stockings for us.

 Pretty tricky to get them on those tiny hooks.

I love this one of Katie surveying her handiwork with her hands on her hips.

 The most stressfull hour of my life! All these breakable ornaments and two pairs of little hands so eager to help! Only one ornament was broken and that was by Ben, so I think we did pretty well.
 This was their first year of helping decorate; they loved every minute.

They could probably sit and watch that train go around and around for hours.

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  1. Beautiful pictures; love the stockings (Joan), and your tree is perfect with the Star on top.
    Merry Christmas to all...