Tuesday, December 10, 2013


"Kids are a handful" I've heard people say.
It's said with a sigh at the end of the day.
"They're busy, and loud and they don't let you rest"
"They wear on your nerves, put your love to the test"
"They'll ruin your carpet, your couches, and chairs,
"They'll smudge up your windows, get jam in your hair."
They're nothing but trouble and a whole lot of that
They're more than a handful, they're worth a whole vat!

Kids are a handful, the old saying goes
They'll keep you young, keep you right on your toes.
They keep you running all day and when you think you can sleep
They'll wake up with problems they say just won't keep.
When you finally fall back in bed with a sigh
They just start up again with their whines and their cries.
There's no moment's peace, no end to demands
You start wishing those handfuls in far-a-away lands.

But then you remember the hugs and kisses
You start to forget those nice, broken dishes.
You think of that handful that fits well in yours
And you start to forget the mess on the floor.
You pick up that handful and snuggle them double
You know that they're not just handfuls of trouble
But handfuls of giggles and laughter and tears
Handfuls of smiles, wet kisses and fears

They're handfuls of love; they have so much to give
Just open your arms and let that love in.
Handfuls of mud, creepy bugs and and the rest
But the handfuls of flowers they bring smell the best
Remember to watch them so peacefully sleep
And know that those handfuls you love just won't keep.
Those handfuls will grow up one day and depart
Those handfuls hold your hand and forever your heart.

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  1. Very the line about far away lands lol