Monday, December 02, 2013

November 2013

November was an insane month; it was full of meetings, food preparations and events. But I think that means December will be a little more relaxed, which is just want we want during the busy Christmas season.

We went to the fall fair at the school with the kids.  We had never been before, so we went before lunch and played some games and ate some good lunch which is always better when you don't have to cook it yourself!

We made applesauce too. Friends of ours have apple trees and were blessed with a bountiful harvest, so we got to share in their wealth! We made 22 quart jars for us and 19 pints for my mom and sister. It was fun to do and we managed to get it all done in one afternoon since we borrowed my parent's canner.

We pulled all our carrots too. Our garden has been sitting neglected for the last two months. Everything has been picked or rotted except the carrots sitting snuggly in the ground. We didn't have a harvest like last year, but 14 bags is ok too. There was some sort of worm burrowing in a lot of them, so that didn't help matters.

We had our 7th Pancake Breakfast at the church again. It's always a good time of good food and fellowship. Ben is always there bright and early at 6:30am along with my Dad & Mom and a few other volunteers.

I made meatballs for the freezer again. Over 350 of them into bags of 24 each. So handy for Sunday soup or spaghetti or just to eat plain with sauce!

We made croquettes too! Last year we made them with Hannah, but she left us, so here we are. My parents came over with their cooked, chopped turkey and with our turkey we made 450 croquettes. They came at 7pm and we were finally done cleaning everything up by 11pm. And then we collapsed into bed!

I went into the office two full days this month: one day for HR meetings and another for a staff day. Both days were fun and good team-building days. Our staff certainly has grown since I started there seven years ago: from three full-time staff to six full-time and two part-time.

It snowed on November 11th! The girls were SO excited, even though it was gone a few days later. They got a day of playing the snow and I got a taste of winter to kick me into gear for winter coat shopping! I was woefully unprepared; Emma had to wear her winter coat from the previous year, Katie had a coat, but no boot or snow pants. On a side note, Emma is wearing boots three sizes too big. Katie was in size seven at two, Emma is still in a four.

Thankfully we got all our outside work done before it snowed(by two days): lawn mowed one more time, gardens pulled, furniture put away.

Ben put the Christmas lights up and while he had the ladder out, he washed a few windows for me. I'm terrible at washing windows. The inside isn't SO terrible, but I never wash the outside of windows I can't reach, which is pretty much all of them. The ladder and stuff is just too "hard" and I'm not comfortable on ladders. Oh and I'm also a wimp.

We went to the Santa Claus Parade. I think we've only missed one year since we've been married. It's just down the street and so we don't need to worry about parking or anything. It was cold and snowy this year, so "perfect" weather, but all the parade people were cold and we were cold and glad when it was done.

The night of parade (the 22nd) we got 25 inches of snow! That's right, inches, not centimetres! Church was cancelled Sunday morning while everyone tried to dig themselves out. It took Ben hours to clear our front and back. He even went to the cemetery to get his snow blower for our front sidewalk and the church sidewalks. He was done clearing just in time to leave for afternoon church. Later that week we got another eight or so inches! I LOVE snow and I'm sad that it's almost all gone, not even a week later.

Ben hurt his back this month. He's not sure what he did, but for a week and a half it didn't have a chance to heal so now he can hardly do anything without setting it off. He's been to the massage therapist a few times which seems to have helped, but he's still pretty sore and spent a lot of time flat on his back on the couch. Hopefully it heals soon!

We had an event every Saturday this month except for the last that we spent setting up our Christmas tree and relaxing at home together. It was wonderful to not have to go anywhere on a Saturday and to actually have Ben home on his day off!

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