Monday, December 09, 2013

November Snow!

We were dumped on with snow the second last week of November. The most snow I can ever remember having in Ontario: 24 inches! It all came down in about 12 hours and thankfully most of it was light and fluffy. It all came down Saturday night and Sunday morning we were not going anywhere! It took Ben a good hour to be able to just get out of our drive way with his truck. He drove around a bit to see what the roads were like and if church was a possibility. It wasn't. Although, the folks 20 minutes west of us had green grass and sunshine! They were pretty surprised to get the call that church was cancelled because of snow.

Ben spent the majority of the day clearing away snow at our place and at the church. He was pretty spent by the end of the day and since he was already having back issues, they were only agravated by all the shoveling. He actually drove to the entrance of the cemetery with my dad, walked in through the snow and got his snowblower. He cleared a path to his truck, loaded it on and then took it to the church and back to our house to finish up. He was finished just in time to change and go to church!

A few days later we got another eight inches. It was just lovely! And a week later, it was almost all gone. I love the snow and I'm hoping we get more before Christmas! I spent the majority of my childhood in Manitoba where snow is plentiful and the temperatures are cold, so these snowy/melty Ontario winters usually don't make the cut for me. I am happy with any snow we get, and it's no secret I LOVE a good snowstorm and I love to be snowed in!

Anyways, I took a few, ahem, pictures of our lovely snowfall.

 This was around 8am. You can see Ben at the back by the fence, thigh-deep in snow.
 The sun came out later in the day.
 Love that snow blower!

 Our car is under that mound of snow back there!

 Katie loved the snow and did very well wading through it!

mmmmm snow!

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