Monday, December 30, 2013

Pregnancy Notes

Wow, talk about tears. Maybe I was like this with the girls too, but seriously, I cried watching five minutes of Dumbo. Hello! Unless I want to shed tears I need to stay away from videos of babies crying, or any child in some sort of distress. No joke. However, I am pretty immune to my own kids crying.... funny how that is eh?

I perfected my waddle early on and it only continues to be developed in form and grace.

Baking soda and water have once again become a nightly routine. If I plug my nose and drink very quickly, it's very doable.

I usually have to get out of bed to turn over, not because my belly is so big, but because if I don't the joint/bones/cartilage in my hips all clunk (for lack of a better word) together and past itself. Not only painful, but just not a cool feeling/sound. I also went for a few weeks waking up with with my pelvic joints out of line. I'd have to walk around a bit waiting for them to clunk back in place; not pleasant.

The heart rate for this baby is lower than the heart rate was for my girls. They sat around the 150-160 mark and this baby is much lower: around the 140 mark... maybe boy!??!? I am having a lot of boy thoughts, but I had that with Emma too.

I feel big already, even though I'm not quite six months. Maybe I just don't remember with the girls, or I am bigger because this it my third pregnancy, but either way, I don't have that "nice, cute, little bump" feeling.

This is another wiggly baby! It usually always wakes up when I go to bed, regardless of the time. His/her kicks are getting good and strong and have already made me jump a few times with "well-aimed" kicks.

Katie can't decide if she wants a boy or a girl and comes up with interesting name choices too. She's very excited for April when the baby comes!

That's all I can think of for pregnancy notes right now. I'll try and take another picture in the next month. Maybe a comparison with my first two pregnancies.

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