Friday, January 10, 2014

December 2013

I spent a lovely day with my galpal, Hanna. She came down for the day and like every time we're together, the time flew by! We made delicious cinnamon buns and did some mailings for Word & Deed.

I made chicken pot pies for the freezer. 19 individual pies and four medium ones which constitute a meal for our family. The mini pies are super handy to have and throw in the oven when dinner is just too much to think about. 30 minutes and a delicious, homemade supper is on the table!

Ben went to see the chiropractor and his back was WAY better. He was still sore, but it was 'healing' sore instead of a getting-progressively-worse sore. Don't you love my new hyphenated words? Now at the end of the month, it's back to normal.

Ben was down and out for a full day with the flu. He actually spent the entire day in bed feeling miserable. Thankfully he was feeling much better the next day, just in time take care of me. I came down with a upper respiratory and sinus infection which had me out of commission for a few days. Antibiotics work wonders and I was feeling much better in a few days. My mom was wonderful and had the girls for the first day and night while Ben was still recovering and I was on my first day of feeling miserable.

We had a nice day opening gifts with the girls and watching a movie; a day was spent with Ben's family and a day with mine: more on those in future posts. 

The girls got sick at the end of the month: fever, coughs, bit of a runny nose. It was enough to make them fairly miserable and irritable. Good thing they could watch their newly-received gift of Little Bear to keep things sane around here! Unfortunately we also missed out on the New Year's eve party with friends. We had a low-key "party" with Nick and Alyce who were also sick and not feeling up to a big party. Over the few days they were here Nick managed to watch some Little Bear too while snuggled on the couch with the girls.

With all our extra church services and functions Ben has fairly lived at the church doing extra cleanings in between functions. We are glad to be back to a normal cleaning routine again!

We cleaned out my sewing room and moved everything upstairs to the attic. Ben's been working on the room so it can be a bedroom for the girls when this baby arrives!

I finished my Read-though-the-Bible schedule in a year! We read through it in chronological order which I had never done before. It was hard at times when all I wanted to do was fall into bed, but I managed to persevere and only missed two nights when I was sick so I just made up those readings the next night. Now to decide what to do this year! Any suggestions?

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