Monday, January 06, 2014

My two-year old, Emma

Emma is well, Emma. There are so many words to describe her and yet you just can't. She is her own person. Stubborn, strong-willed, independent, not a pushover at all! She is also sweet, loves a good joke and enjoys/needs 20-second snuggles.

It's a good thing she knows her own mind, because her sister is awfully persuasive and can get a lot of people to do exactly what she wants. Emma will put up with it for about five minutes and then asserts her independence with a "no!" She's definitely not as easy to distract as Katie was and you really have to convince her it was her own idea; it works well.

She's learned to play by herself much better over the last six months. She used to fight her playpen time every morning, but now it's a way of life and she'll usually last up to an hour or until she hears Katie come upstairs from her own morning time by herself in the playroom.

Emma has hit the adorable stage of playing with dolls. All she needs to be happy is her baby, a blanket and a bottle. If you want to distract her just tell her that her baby is crying and needs her bottle. We'll see how it goes when we have a real baby in the house!

Emma is stubborn. We've had to sit and "fight" to win a few battles around here. Good thing my will is stronger than hers! She's also independent and has a "do it mineself" attitude with eating. Hmmm, wonder where she got that from!

She doesn't have a huge vocabulary (especially in comparison to Katie) but she understands perfectly well what you're trying to communicate. She calls 98% of animals by the sound they make. A horse=neigh! Sheep=baa etc. It's pretty cute, especially since Rabbits are called "Hoppas."

If she bonks her head, hand etc, she comes running with a "boom! boom!" and pointing to her injured part. Most of the time all it needs is a "Did you bonk your head? you need a kiss?" done deal.

Emma wants anything that happens to Katie, the good stuff anyways. Actually it goes both ways. A tickle for Katie means one for Emma. A high five for Emma, means one for Katie. It's hilarious and frustrating at the same time. How to teach them that they don't need what the other has?!?

Eating can be hit or miss for Emma. Sometimes she eats amazingly well, other times, it's a conscious decision on our part whether or not it's a battle we want to fight. Once you start the battle, you gotta win after all!  She does well for the most part. She prefers water to milk and knows exactly where the cookies are for snack time.

Like any kid, she loves action songs and Katie is only too willing to acquiesce. We have a repertoire we go over after supper. They also go in a certain order.

Emma still naps in the afternoon for anywhere from 2-3 hours and she sleeps 7pm-8am. She lays awake for a bit in the evening and lately we've had to give "encouragement" to be quiet and sleep.  We're going to put the girls in the same room fairly shortly so that will be another whole dynamic to deal with.

She's shown some interest in potty training and likes to pretend anyways. We have been able to catch her from time to time, but I haven't put any serious effort into training her.

In the last month, she's suddenly decided she doesn't like crusts on her bread. I have never cut the crusts off the bread for my children, but apparently I have been misguided. Not.

She's very particular and likes things to beconstant. If Ben and I switch chairs, she lets us know we did it wrong. She is good at recognition and can identify every piece of laundry correctly. 

Her latest thing is to toddle into the room where I am and just give me a "Hi Mumma!" and walk out. She's pretty shy with others and is definitely a Mama's girl.

Here are a few pictures from some birthday celebrations and attempts to get a good picture today. 
 Finger puppets from Grandma and Papa!


 A tea set from tante Lien, Aunt Christina and Uncle Nick.


 A Bill Peet book! Our girls LOVE those books (just like their parents).

 Quilt for her new bed in a few months. I didn't get it all done, so she just got the top, but I don't think she noticed!


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