Monday, February 24, 2014

Pregnancy Notes part 2

My hip problems have settled down substantially since my last post about pregnancy. They're not gone completely and I have to be careful, but the constant pain and "clunking" is much less frequent! Hurray!

I am nesting like a crazy woman. Seriously, there is something wrong with me. I never had this with my previous pregnancies, but I am cleaning cupboards, moving furniture, washing trim, organising, sorting, baking and cooking for the freezer; it's a little concerning, at least for Ben. He had to "forbid" me from cleaning my fridge at 10pm one night; seriously? This is problem I have?  I figure I might as well keep going since the typical third trimester energy slump hasn't hit yet. And (this is my favourite reason) this will give me a good excuse to do nothing after the baby is born, because it's already been done!

Heartrate is still at the 136-140 range. (Girls were 155-160's)

If you would have asked me how my pregnancy is going a few weeks ago; I would say good and healthy. But then the other day I actually went through all the "sicknesses" I've had in the last seven months and turns out, not so healthy: Bronchitis, UTI, Sinus infection, sinus infection and upper respiratory infection, flu, sinus infection, pink eye. Yikes!

I'm pretty sure I'm growing a soccer player with all the kicking going on these days. Ouch!

I've been told my belly is really "pointy" as in all sticking out front. I also haven't gained a ton, for which I am happy, especially considering I haven't been holding back at all when it comes to delicious food. Going up and down stairs is good exercise I guess!

Heartburn is on the top of my list and I have to be careful to ration my tums through the day so I don't run out! I drink half a glass of water with a heaping tsp of baking soda 2-3 times each day. yum. not. 

I walk waddle slowly, especially through all this snow we have. But really, just in general, I need to give myself some extra time if I need to walk any distance.

I'm finding it hard to not cross my legs while leaning forward at the computer. Like right now, it's a struggle.

I am way more excited for this baby to be out than I was with the girls. Seven weeks seems like a long time from now!

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