Thursday, February 13, 2014


Katie, pointing to her forehead after spinning around and around, "Mom, feel me. I feel dizzy!"

Katie occassionally likes to have conversations with inadimate objects. She's lately taken to giving herself trouble for it however. This is what I heard while she was folding cloths.

'Oh, cloths, what are you doing? You come here so I can fold you. No! no! we don't want to be folded. Yes! You must...... wait a minute... cloths don't talk!!!"

This is a Ben one. I asked him what happened to my facebook tab on the computer. His response? "Uh.... it fell off?"

Katie told me I had hairy arms like Daddy, so I have to shave them off. Thanks daughter; thanks a lot.

Katie wanted to play Mom and Dad "Ok, I will be the Mom and Emma will be the Dad and you can be the hunny." Not a kid, mind you, hunny.

Katie: "Do leopards eat envelopes?"
Me: "Envelopes? "
Katie: "Ya, envelopes!"
Me: "Oh, Antelopes!"
Katie: "Ya!!"

The phrase "What in tarnation!?" is used by Ben on occasion around here. Katie's version: "What in tarshishnation?!"

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