Monday, March 10, 2014

Christmas 2013

Here is my late Christmas post.

December 24th was our family Christmas day. We had a relaxing morning, opened presents, played with the kids, played with their presents, had a special lunch watched a movie and just chilled.

 I made the girls pioneer bonnets for their dressup stash.
I also made them pillowcases with which they were thrilled!
The girls got a few books, a movie and a special toy: Emma got a bucket of animals and Katie got a doctor set which was put to good use.

December 25th we went to church in the morning and had my family (the ones in the area) over for coffee, a few gifts and yummy food.

Angelina and my mom made pinafores to go with the girls' pioneer bonnets! That chalkboard/easel was made by my Opa for us when we were kids. My dad refinished the chalkboard part and it's as good as new!

December 26th we went to Ben's family for breakfast (super yum!), went tobagganning (don't worry, I didn't actually go down the hill and also, is tobagganning a Canadian word? I feel like it should be.) opened gifts, had a pizza supper, put kids to bed/in front of a movie and relaxed with just the adults.

Emma was sleeping through most of the gift giving, so I'm a little short on pictures of her.

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