Wednesday, March 05, 2014

February 2014

We missed one of our favourite cousin's wedding on February first. We had planned to go, arranged for the girls to go to their cousins' but the weather was pretty gross (freezing rain and sleet/snow) and when Ben woke up with  migraine, it kind of settled it for us. We were so bummed to not be able to go, but we look forward to seeing pictures of the big day!

We got water in our basement. Again. It was in a different corner this time, of course a carpeted corner. We're not sure what we're going to do. We may need to dig around outside the house and do something "big" to keep the water out.

I finished spring cleaning my kitchen. I also spring cleaned my bathrooms, cleaned out the cupboards and washed trim!

Katie and I rearranged our living room one afternoon just for fun. She thought it was great and helped me vacuum out the furniture and dust and wash the trim.

We all got a cold and cough which lingered and lingered. Thankfully we were able to function decently well, we only went through a couple dozen boxes of kleenexes.

We had our 8th pancake breakfast at the church on Family Day. It the biggest crowd yet: over 140 people!

Ben finished the girls' new room and we moved them in together. I hope to do a post on the room soon. Haha. Soon. Good joke, I know!

We made a dozen pizzas for our freezer. We did six deluxe and six Hawaiian. We figured out our cost and it only worked out to be $3/pizza!  I spent an hour and a half making and par-baking the crusts and shredding and chopping the toppings. After the girls were in bed, Ben and I spent half an hour assembling and bagging them. They've already come in super handy on busy days/days I don't feel like cooking supper. We will definitely do it again!

My wonderful sister-in-law took the girls for a day so I could do a million and one errands. I spent the morning running around St. Thomas and Ben took the afternoon off and we went to London to do more shopping. Phew!

Year-end was finished for both companies; fellow book keepers know this is a sweet song in my ears!

We celebrated Katie's fourth birthday! How has it been four years?!

 Still no van bought and we're running out of time! Good thing we started looking in December!

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