Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My suddenly-seemingly-grown-up, four-year-old girl

**this post was written a number of months ago. I thought I'd save it for her birthday and then I forgot to post it!

Katie has suddenly grown up. I'm not sure how it happened, but she suddenly seems big. She grew an inch and a quarter in about four months, so that may have had something to do with it, but she's just, I dunno.... big! 
 She talks bigger. She has a huge vocabulary and will not forget a word you tell her. If she hears a new word she'll repeat it until she gets it right and needs it explained too. She won't forget the meaning and will incorporate it into her vocabulary right away. She says such grown up things now, and doesn't get the hilarity of what sometimes comes out of her mouth. Her inflections have taken on a whole new spin mimicking those she talks with.

She has a fabulous memory for songs, Bible verses, jokes, events. She loves Sunday school and all the memorizing that comes with it. She's usually pretty good about performing too. 

She gesticulates bigger. Her hand motions and movements have taken on some of my own characteristics and those of others around her. It's very amusing to watch her explain something and wave her hands around and tilt her head just so when she's talking.

She understands more; it's getting easier to explain things to her (sometimes) and her reasoning skills have grown a lot too. Sometimes the reasoning that she comes up with is hilarious, but fairly accurate. She understands concepts more too: politeness, caring, sharing etc.

She's a huge helper. The other day she helped during my whole house cleaning routine and was actually a help! She cleaned the mirrors ( I didn't even need to do it again), polished the bathroom taps, helped me dust downstairs, dusted her room, dried my dishes. We had a wonderful afternoon just the two of us cleaning away. She was more than happy to help and the next week when the floors were washed at night, she was pretty upset, because SHE wanted to wash the floors with a bucket, like Cinderella! Haha.. I'll keep working that angle for a while, let me tell you!

She's pretty in your face about stuff. When she's playing with other kids, she needs to learn to give them space. She's a huge extrovert and feeds off other people's energy. But if you're not used to spending a whole day with her, she can be a bit much.

She sings, pretty much all day. There's always humming, do-doing, or singing coming from her. She has a great memory and picks up songs very quickly. She loves action songs and has a good sense of space as she moves her hands through the air. She also makes up her own words to songs which can be hilarious.

She's 'boy crazy.' She likes a few boys at church that actually pay attention to her and talks about them a lot. We frequently hear about one of them and how she loves him and is going to marry him when she's 26. Harmless enough, although we do have to tell her "let it go" sometimes and sing about something else; we'll start getting worried if she's like this when she's 12.

She's all about letters these days. She wants to know what words start with and what sounds letters are making. She also wants to know "what do you start with?" which means what letter does your name start with.

She's got attitutude. She can be the sweetest girl and then turn into this snarky hands-on-her-hips girl. She picks up phrases and attitudes really quickly from other kids, but also picks up on manners so it kind of evens out.....most of the time.

She wakes up fairly frequently with bad dreams which seem to be quite vivid. A few weeks ago she came running into our room in the middle of the night because she saw a snowman on her window making faces at her.  She remembers her good dreams too and will often tell us crazy stuff in the morning.

She's still our giggling, goofy girl. She loves to be tickled and chased and is good for a joke too. She's finally enjoying Emma for a playmate and wants her out of bed so she can order her around, play kindly and gently with her.

We love her dearly and when I kiss her goodnight, I still shake my head in wonderment, that she's really ours. God has been gracious and we thank Him for giving us this wonderful girl!

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