Friday, March 14, 2014

Random pictures

I was just sorting through my pictures and thought I'd post a few from the last few months. And by a few I mean, a lot.

This one was on our Christmas card: finally a good picture of both of them at the same time!

 Katie got spoiled with more Playmobile for Christmas.
A couple of sickies for a few days.

Uncle Nick was sick too, so they all watched Little Bear together.
That's six tapes that were wrapped around a handle of Katie's dresser "like a Christmas tree!" Ben had to take the handle off the dresser to get the tape off.  It took us about two hours to untangle and rewind them all.
Suddenly after a "mysterious" absence, the little people came back into circulation!
What's to see in the neighbourhood today?

Making pizzas for the freezer!

Katie made a "laptop" with her books; she was just "typing" away.

I forget what she did. This girl is forever falling and splitting her lip!

 New carpet for the girls' room.

It's a lot of work to keep those eyes shut during prayer!

 Ben bought me red roses for Valentines and surprised the girls with their own bouquets of yellow roses!

Is this allowed? Fisher Price and Playmobile at the same table?

A big box provides so much fun!


  1. Agghh! The tapes. We've been there and done that over here too. (are they Adventures in Odyssey??!! b/c those are exactly the ones we had done over here a couple years ago . . .any other ones .. i probably wouldn't care too much anymore!)
    The pizza looks so yummy. Wish I was that inspired.
    Jonathan did the same thing for Valentines Day:)
    Love all the pictures of your girls playing together so nicely.
    Great picture post!

    1. Yup! Adventures in Odyssey. One thing about tapes: you can usually fix them up not too badly; broken CDs are another story!