Monday, April 07, 2014

39 weeks!

One week to go! I. am. so. ready.  Not even kidding here; I'm so done being pregnant. I never had this with the girls; I loved being pregnant and while I wanted to meet them, I wasn't so anxious for the experience to be done. This time around? I'm done. In fact I was done a while ago.

But anyways, I am thankful I have been able to carry this little (or not so little one) for this many weeks. I am very excited to meet him or her! Even though I know life is usually easier when they're inside, I want this baby out!

I have lots of braxton hicks contractions especially at the end of the day. They make me think "maybe soon!" but I wake up the next morning with no baby, so obviously not the real thing! 

This babe is still wiggly and squirmy as ever. Lack of room doesn't seem to inhibit this baby's movements; they're just more pronounced and sometimes painful.  My belly is pretty "pointy" so I have a nice "shelf" for resting my cup or plate on while I'm sitting and a decent arm rest while standing.

I just came down with a sore throat and larangytis last week; hopefully that clears up before birth! A few weeks ago I was having terrible headaches and migraines that would just drain me completely. Thankfully it was a only about a week of them before they subsided, for the most part anyways.

For record's sake I had Ben take a quick picture of me. Unfortunately it was at the end of the day and I didn't feel like making my hair or face prettier less tired, so this is whatcha get!

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