Thursday, April 03, 2014

March 2014

Emma fell off the back of the downstairs couch and landed on her elbow. We thought maybe she broke her arm since she was favouring it so much, so I spent a couple hours in the ER with her. Conclusion: nothing serious, just keep an eye on her and bring her back if it's not better in a few days.

We moved all my sewing stuff back downstairs into Katie's old room. I have have a nice, cozy room to iron and mend sew and create! It's full of light and feels nice and airy with a view of the backyard so I can keep an easy eye on the kiddos as they play outside.

I cleaned out and organised the baby room. Sheets washed, bed made, tiny diapers and clothes ready for this baby!

We cleaned our bedroom, like spring cleaned! Ben helped me one Saturday morning because he didn't want his stubborn, eight-months-pregnant wife try to move furniture he's amazing like that. He even pulled the bed away from the wall and vacuumed the appalling amount of dust back there. The fan got a good cleaning and the windows too! the only thing I didn't do was clean/sort out my clothes: it's a little tricky to do when you can't actually try stuff on!  But it feels SO good to know my entire second floor has been totally spring cleaned and organised. Now onto the attic..... dun dun duuuun.....

We had two beautiful days of sunshine and warmer weather and then got blasted by six inches of snow and COLD! The cold snap and snow lasted for almost a week which was hard after a spring tease!

Ben had his 28th birthday at the end of the month! Also, it snowed on his birthday. I made him he helped me make his favourite dinner: chicken legs with the dutch spice, kip kruide, mashed potatoes and veggies with of course, a double-layer chocolate cake for dessert. He had our Annual Church Meeting that night, so that was kind of it for celebrations.

I made some more freezer meals and put some baking away for after this baby arrives. My plan is to be "lazy" for a month. I want to really take it easy and spend lots of time just chilling with the kids and adjusting to three kids. My hope is to have lots of freezer meals and meal prep done and my spring cleaning and organising done so I don't have to think about it when the warm weather hits and baby arrives. I also plan to take a month off from major book keeping and church cleaning; I can do the bare minimum, but I don't want to have to spend hours in my office when I know I won't have hours to spend there or energy either!

Katie bonked her tooth while playing and now has a nice half-brown/grey tooth to show for it.  It's sad to see her nice white smile tarnished, but we're thankful it's just a baby tooth and doesn't seem to be loose or infected at all. She also went on her first trip to the dentist.  Ahhh, the drama. For weeks months she's been excited to go to the dentist and of course on the way there.... not so much. It took a while, but once she relaxed and warmed up to the hygienist it was fine. Her teeth are healthy and the dentist wasn't worried about the brown tooth upfront.

I also went to the dentist and heard two words I can't hear often enough: "No cavities". I was SO thankful because I was pretty sure I was going to cry if he found some.

I polished up my silver again! I don't have much, so it was only an hour of work one night when Ben was gone. Just doing little things like that makes me somehow feel more prepared for this baby... weird I know.

We bought a van! Two weeks before my due date; nothing like cutting it close! We've been looking since Christmas, but nothing has come up in our price range that seemed like a good fit and matched all our requirements. I'll have to take a few pictures so you can check out our new ride.

I We got a new camera! Ben won a pair of Raptor's tickets through a local weekly news flyer, but the game was on Sunday and honestly, in this house there's not a lot of desire to go to a basketball game in Toronto.  Anyways, we listed them on Kijiji since they were Courtside seats priced at over $300 a piece! We ended up getting $400 for them and with it bought a new camera! A new camera was supposed to be our Christmas present, and I've been watching for sales, but the camera we wanted just wouldn't go on sale! We got a Rebel t3 and I've been having fun feeling like a profesh photographer snapping pictures right and left!

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