Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome Alexander Jacob!

We welcomed Alexander Jacob into our family on April 18, 2014! A boy! Hurray! My suspicions during my whole pregnancy were confirmed!
 A late-night picture on Thursday, just incase I went into labour (I went to sleep instead). 

We planned a home birth and all went according to plan and Alex was born at home at 3:24pm. It was a lovely day birth, unlike the girls who were both born late at night. I was technically in labour Thursday afternoon/evening, but even though my contractions were 5 minutes apart, they weren't painful at all. When the midwife broke my water at 10:45 Friday morning, I was 5 cm dialated. Nothing happened for a couple hours and we walked around the block and went up and down the stairs trying to get things going. Finally  just before 1pm, I felt this weird "drop" in my pelvis. The midwives figure Alex turned (he was sunny side up) and dropped down. Shortly after, serious and painful contractions started and two and a half hours later he was out!
I actually "caught" him which was pretty special. After his head and shoulders were delivered the midwife told me to reach down and get my baby. So I did! And lifted him right onto my chest. It was a special thing to do: be the first one to hold my baby (after nine months of internal "holding").
All puffy and swollen from being born.
After a peek we were so thrilled we had a boy! I love that we had two girls first, but having a son and seeing that pride in his father's eyes is something else! 

 The midwives weighed him and were shocked at his weight! 10 lb 3 oz! He was 21" long which is pretty average I think. An average-sized head circumfrince is 35 cm and Alex's was 37cm! I'm glad I didn't know how big of a boy he was before pushing him out!
It's a little blurry ,but you can still read: 10lbs 3 oz!
We are thankful that my delivery all went really well and recovery has gone super smoothly. Nursing always takes a bit to settle in, but thankfully that's going better too. He nurses around eight times in 24 hours, usually cluster feeding in the evening. After I nurse him at 10/10:30, he's only up once a night around 3ish and then is good until 7ish. I've only had one or two nights since he's been born of being up twice in the night with him. It's amazing what sleep will do for you! I remember with the girls having that crash of hormones and breakdown on day two or three. I was fully expecting it and "prepared" for it with Alex, but never came! It helped that Ben was home for the whole weekend and we had a full day of relaxing before the girls came home from my parents.

 My three kiddos!


  1. Awwww! What a beautiful, handsome little (big) guy!
    Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures!
    I am a mom of many, and always enjoy baby stories!!
    Wishing you the Lord's Blessings as you strive to bring up these precious children to His Glory and Honour!!

  2. congratulations!! thankful to hear all is going well. Hear my echo of everything the lady before me wrote :)