Tuesday, June 03, 2014

May 2014

May zoomed by! I'm going to have to think hard to remember it all!

I started my side jobs again: church cleaning and book keeping. I started them one at a time so I could ease in, but it's still crazy!

We said goodbye to our lovely midwives! That six-week appointment is sad. After being in their care for the last 10 months, it's hard to say goodbye. Alex was 12 lb 4 oz at that appointment at five and a half weeks. And he's grown two inches since birth. Big boy!

We had lots of rain, followed by gorgeous weather! Finally! The girls are outside for most of the day and are filthy by the end of it! They live in the sandbox and we just got a little wadding pool that they are thrilled about too!

Ben finished the walk way to the garage and cleaned out the back corner of our yard. We moved some plants and planted grass seed, so now our yard is done. Well we're "done" until we move more plants and around and plant some more bushes and stuff.

Katie has been working on numbers. She can write all her numbers, in order and count to 20. She can count to 100 with some help. Emma can now count to 10, which is slightly adorable.

Alex is doing all the normal baby stuff and started cooing at the end of the month. SO fun! He's sleeping good stretches at night; he does anywhere from 10:30/11pm to 4 or 6am; one night he did 11 pm to 7am! Amazing!

We had a relaxing get together on Victoria day for birthdays and mother's day on Ben's side. A walk in the woods and a BBQ outside!

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