Monday, July 07, 2014

Alex at Two Months

My not-so-wee babe is two months already! Some notes of our son at this stage in life.

He's in size-two disposable diapers
At our discharge visit at the midwives (5.5 weeks) he was 12lb 4 oz and had grown two (2!!) inches since birth.
He's out of his Moses basket and in the crib. I wasn't ready for that, but he was just too big for the basket. He also is in a sleep sack; no more swaddling for this kicker.
He's kind of sucking his thumb: here and there when he's fussy.
He's in cloth diapers (at 7 weeks)
He nurses 8ish times in 24 hours still; still cluster feeding at times.
He's in almost outgrown three-months clothes and now needs six-month onsies when in cloth diapers.

Ok, half a month later, most is still the same. He's on more of a schedule now and has a "nurse, wake, sleep" routine at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm. He goes to bed about 7:30 (when I'm done nursing him) and I dreamfeed him around 10pm. He sleeps through the night from 10 on until anywhere from 5am-8am, so sometimes he sneaks in an extra feed. He's super consistent with his schedule and will nurse within the half hour of those times.

He had his two-month appointment at 10 weeks and weighed 14lb 4oz and was 26 inches long! He was 85th percentile for weight and off the charts for length. He's SUPER long and grew 5 inches in 10 weeks!

He's a very content, happy baby, full of smiles and stories to tell. He does amazing when we go out for a day or two.

He's a puker though, mostly a result of eating too much. He often spits a good amount right after nursing along with an excellent burp!  Thankfully he doesn't seem to be bothered by coffee, tomatoes etc, so I'm free to eat whatever.

In short, we are blessed to have such an easy-going baby. Life with three is busy and we are thankful for his easy transition into our family!

The girls love on him in spurts, but for the most part, they're pretty busy playing with each other to notice Alex.

 This was at 6 weeks. Strong boy!

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