Tuesday, July 08, 2014

June 2014

We celebrated our 7th anniversary on June 2nd! That is crazy to me because that means only three more years to our 10th anniversary which seems BIG to me!

Alex was baptised by my Opa at the beginning of the month. He baptised my mom, me and my girls and now Alex. It was so special that he was still able to do it.

We planted our garden, and by we I mean Ben and the girls "helped."

I finally made our front porch a nicer place to sit. I moved the carpet from our living room which, after seven years, was looking pretty shabby for inside, but just fine for outside. Ben hung lattice on one end of the porch for privacy and eventually for the climbing plants to hold onto. We bought hanging baskets and made our planters this year! We also made some extra planters this year which add some nice colour to the porch.

Corina came for a visit! I'll do a separate post on her visit.

We had a lot of stuff going on as church custodians: wedding, piano recitals, etc.

We enjoyed our Sunday school picnic! I found two willing ladies to plan and organise the picnic, so I was free to relax and just take care of my kiddos. Ben was gone that day to a bachelor party for my brother, so I was glad I didn't have to worry about running around organising everything! Thankfully Corina was here to assist with my girls!

We did a lot of driving in June: a couple North-London trips, some regular London trips, Toronto, states-side shopping, a bridal shower in Wyoming, a wedding in Mitchell. Phew!

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