Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Is there any air left in this swirling pool?
I catch glimpses of faces as I make the turns
Are they looking?
Do they know?
Can they see me fighting the current?
Can they see me gasping for a breath?

It's hard in the deep water
My feet can't find the bottom
My hands can't find the edge
I flail, wildly searching for something to grasp
My strength is running out

I fight an inner battle
Should I give up?
How sweet to just let the water carry me
I could relax, for once and let my angst go
Does it really matter?

Then I remember, as if a small still voice whispers
I don't need to struggle alone
There is a Hand reaching down
I can grasp it and He will pull me to safety
He will carry me to the water's edge
He will give me new breath and new strength

So I reach and grasp, knowing He alone can save me
And I am pulled to where my feet can feel the bottom
I take a new, deep breath and feel refreshed

I am still in the water, for that is part of the journey
But I am no longer in the deep, all alone
In time I will be there again, I'm sure
Yet, I know I can rely on Him
He alone can rescue me.

I wrote this last week in the middle of a particularly trying day. It started off as an email to Ben and developed further than I had orginally intended. Neat how that happens eh? I find writing is almost like therapy for me and somehow helps me process.

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