Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Girl=New Sheets

I think I can finally say that Emma is potty trained! We are ALL very excited and I am thrilled to now only change one kid's diaper each day! It took Emma a bit longer than Katie, but she's got it now. A few weeks ago we had a "home" week and really focused on potty training. We had done it off and on a bit in the months prior, but it just ended up being frustrating since Emma didn't tell me when she had to go, or that she went (only evidence was a puddle) and she didn't really seem to care either. After a week in underwear (during the day) she pretty much had it and would tell me when she had to go. I still need to remind her sometimes, but she's been accident free for a whole week now. She wore a diaper to bed at naptime and bedtime, but I started putting her in underwear at naptime(with plastic and towels under her sheet just in case!) at the beginning of the week since she was consistently waking up dry. On Tuesday, after two nights of being dry, Ben was feeling brave and put her to bed in underwear (EEE!!) and she was dry the next morning! Yesterday we gave her the promised present of new sheets for being dry through the night for three nights and she was thrilled to match Katie!

Katie didn't want to be left out.

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  1. She looks so proud!! Good job Emma :-)