Friday, August 08, 2014

July 2014

We picked up my sister Hannah from the airport on July 2nd! She's been in Scotland for the last year and a half, so we were very excited to welcome her back home!

My brother got married on July 5th! Ben and I were both in the wedding party and Katie was a flower girl! It was a crazy busy day, but very enjoyable! You can look here for more pictures.

Katie had two weeks of swimming lessons. She cried every lesson. This girl is just full of drama. She ends up physching herself up and gets all worked up about "nothing." Poor girl; we hope to spend more time in the water this summer to help her become more comfortable.

We painted and fixed up our front entrance. Ben fixed our screen door so we have an actual functioning screen and finished the little details on the door and put a few coats of paint on.

Ben installed the soffit on the garage. He also finished painting the garage door and trim. A few more projects checked off the list for the summer!

Katie finished her phase of calling me "mother" She just decided one day to call me Mother any time she needed to address me. It was hilarious and kind of irritating at the same time, mostly when she was being naughty and was required to say "Yes Mom." It came out a little belligerent with a "Yes, Mother"

We continue to have water problems in our basement. We think it's a combination of the directional drilling that was done last year, and extra water running off our house and the neighbour's house. We had a guy out to quote for some work being done and get his professional opinion.

We went to the Toronto Zoo with Ben's family. It was a good day with nice weather: not too hot, some clouds and just a few rain showers.

Ben played in a ball hockey fundraising tournament at the church. He hasn't played any sort of hockey since Grade 8, but he thoroughly enjoyed himself and could hardly move for a good day afterwards!

We had a real estate agent come through our place this month too. We're not planning on selling any time soon, but we wanted to get an idea of what else we should do to our house and how much to invest. It was a good exercise and we were pleasantly surprised to hear her numbers!

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