Friday, October 03, 2014

September in Pictures

 Katie lost her first tooth! And the second won't be far behind! Her new tooth is already coming in!
 Saturday morning coffee snuggles
 Bedtime snuggles while reading a chapter of Caddie Woodlawn
 Matching Sunday jumpers. The fact that cousin Kara (and Lauren and Leah?) used to wear them, made it all the more exciting!
 Katie got her JK quilt from Grandma VMS. She lays/plays on it for her quiet time in the afternoon.
 We had quite the storm coming in
Crazy clouds!
Some of the result from the storm. When we walked, the water would squirt up....

 She got into my lipstick before leaving for the beach. Diva much?

 She thinks she still fits.
A typical view out my back door.

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  1. Yep, Lauren and Leah wore those jumpers too! So fun to see the matching sister outfits getting so much use! :)