Friday, October 31, 2014


We had my family thanksgiving on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend. We've gone camping in the past or at least day camping, but the weather was just too chilly and it was just too complicated with little ones. We all went to my parents and "camped" outside on their deck. We made and ate breakfast outside, played games etc. It was chilly, but fun. For some reason, food tastes better when eaten outside. Can anyone explain that?
Alex was bundled up and cozy!
 The men cooked breakfast. Amazing
 There he is cooking again!

 There's a special bond between these two!

mmmm tea!

We played a rousing, hilarious game of pictionary.

We set up my Oma's tent for the kids to play in.
It was a wonderful, fresh day! I don't have any pictures of the rest of the day which was complete with dutchblitz, a walk and a campfire back at our place!

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