Friday, November 21, 2014

My six-month boy!

I'm a little late considering Alex is seven months now, but better late then never! Some notes about my six seven month boy!

He weighs 18 lb 6 oz! (just under 50th percentile)
27 inches long (75th percentile)
Is SUPER ticklish. A slight poke at his side or belly will amost instantly result in giggles.
Is in size 3 disposables
Has two bottom teeth that he cut at 5.5 months and btw the way, they're sharp. I know.
He smiles for almost anyone!
Is fussy around supper time
Loves his sisters and is easily entertained by them
Can't quite sit by himself yet
Eats a lot! breakfast lunch and supper plus nursing/bottle 6ish times a day
If he's upset, he can be calmed down 98% of the time if I sing the chorus of this song. Truly Scrumptious
Is starting to prefer me to others. I can't lie and say I don't like it, because in reality it makes me happy.
Rolls over almost right away if he's put down on his back on the floor or playpen. Strangely enough he doesn't do it much in bed.
Loves jumping in his exersaucer
Drools all the time.
Still spits up a lot, but for sure less than he used to.
Is a heart stealer; seriously
Loves peek-a-boo

Seriously, delish baby!

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