Monday, November 24, 2014

October 2014

My cousin Joel was married at the beginning of the month. We drove out to Barrie with the kiddos to celebrate with him and the family. It was great to see everyone including my tante Miriam who flew in from Calgary. The kids were pretty well behaved on the trip up and back again. We listened to our new CD of the Railway Children which we all enjoyed.

Ben and I went to a Word & Deed bbq in Brantford. It was a fun evening with all the staff and of course we had to leave too soon to head back to the girls who were being babysat.

My tante Mim came for my cousin's wedding and spent some time in St. Thomas. She came for a lovely visit one morning. You can see more pictures here.

Ben put in a patio paver sidewalk in for our neighbours. They also have an alley driveway, and like us, they have to walk the length of their backyard to get to their car. The grass just wasn't cutting it anymore, so they asked Ben if he could install a sidewalk for them. It was such a perfect job since they're right next door He could spend a bit of time each evening after work moving soil, sand, laying stones etc and still be within hollering calling range.

Emma fell down the stairs. The big stairs. From the top. My heart almost stopped. It was like watching a rag doll tumbling down, head over heels. I was helpless to stop her and couldn't move fast enough to catch her, but fast enough to see her make the journey from the top to the bottom. She landed in a heap in the bottom and thankfully cried and cried and seemed ok. Other than bruises and tears and my shaking and heart racing a million miles an hour, we're fine. No sign of concussion or anything else; we are thankful!

Katie learned to tie her shoes!

We finished reading Snugglepot and Cuddlepie at bed time and started the Trumpet of the Swan.

Katie lost another tooth!

My parents and I made apple sauce: 42 quarts and 30 apple pies over two days!  The following week Ben made apple cider! He fixed up the apple cider press that his dad built and pressed about four bushels of apples: so good! We pasturized it (basically heated it hot enough for long enough) and put it into jugs to freeze. Apparently if you can apple cider, it just turns into apple juice. Who knew!

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