Thursday, December 18, 2014

November 2014

It was a fairly quiet month, at least in memory it was quiet. Now that we're in the middle of December, I can't quite remember what all happened!

Ben put our last window in! We've replaced or reinstalled every single window in our house. Phew! The only original window left is our front window which we aren't going to replace since it has the stained glass piece on the top. It feels so nice to be done all our windows!

We read Trumpet of the Swan this month and started Black Beauty. The girls just love reading a chapter every night and it's a good way to calm them down before bed.

Alyce, my mom and I made chicken pot pies for our freezers! We spent a couple hours rolling out dough and all the rest and we each ended up with 18 small individual pies for our freezers--very handy!

We had some lovely snow that lasted for a week? The girls had a blast playing in it! I love snow; so much nicer for playing in when it's cold outside. And SO much cleaner than mud!

I guess the rest of life just kept going like usual. School work, book work, church work and of course relaxing and fun too! 

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