Friday, December 05, 2014

Play Kitchen

Thanks to Pinterest, my brain gets filled with tons of good ideas and every once in a while I follow through on them. The problem is, they don't always get entirely completed. Take this play kitchen for example.

 This is the only before picture I have! bad me!
 The mostly finished project. I'd still like to make little curtains or something over a faux window, but I haven't gotten there in the last year and a half!
 This would have been a cd/tape/movie thing. It works well as a pantry! Katie got the pink pots and pans for Christmas one year and Emma got the teaset for her birthday last year. They just coordinate so well!
 This cupboard had a glass door that Ben took off. He made two separate doors one for a freezer and fridge and added another fridge. The baskets are full of food.
 He switched the door for the oven to open down and welded an old ovenrack into a smaller version for the kids. It even slides in and out like a real oven! The nobs were off an old oven too.
He cut out the spirals for the stove out of plastic on his laser at work and got the tap off a vanity he picked up somewhere on the side of the road. We bought the stainless steel bowl for the sink. We backed the kitchen with beadboard. I made mini potholders that hang nicely on a hook beside the stove.

The girls love it and "cook" many meals downstairs!


  1. Great job and Heather . . . this will last a long time and get played with so often!
    Love all the details.