Thursday, December 18, 2014


The playroom we made downstairs is long overdue for a post. The girls and I cleaned it all up last week and I figured, while it was still clean a few pictures would be in order!

I never did get a picture when we first bought the house. This room was paneled with some sort of wood-grain paneling which we ripped out. Ben had his workshop here for a while and then realized it was not big enough.
Looking in from the laundry room.
 Drywall and paneling. I wanted a bumpout on the one wall with beadboard (a fav of mine!) and a wooden beam ledge.
We had to work around the freezers for the entire project.

 Looking in from the laundry room


 Ben built that shelf/cupboard unit in the corner as per my request to hide the beautiful (cough cough) electrical panel. Books and baskets would look so nice on those shelves, but practicality is forbidding me since the items don't fit well in baskets and we don't allow books downstairs for fear of book carnage.
 The only thing I hate about this room is this big ugly TV. Ben picked it up on the side of the road and it's the only way we can watch VHS movies.  You can see a separate post on that kitchen here.
Our freezers JUST fit in that space!

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