Friday, January 23, 2015

Cubby hole

My sister told me I talked about the cubby hole project that Ben did over Christmas and I never posted it.

So without further ado!

Looking up the attic stairs before.

After. Ben cut a hole in the wall and put a piece of sonotube in to make a little window. I can stand at the bottom of the stairs (two floors down) and see the window.

I can't show you this view after since there is a wall in front of where Ben is sitting. But you get an idea of the height.

 It's kind of hard to get all the angles, so I took a couple so you can can get a feel.  Just ignore the smudges :-)

 The paint was leftover from our front hall and the carpet was a remnent from a local carpet place here in town. I love the feel of a shag carpet, so this little piece helps fill that need without regretting a huge room full of it. :-)
 Trust me, it is usually not this neat and serves as a hoarding place for the girls' collections of things. Katie usually has her quiet time in here with some books and an Adventure in Odyssey tape.

P.S. Those are the beanbags I made for the girls for Christmas. They've seen a lot of use already!

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