Friday, January 16, 2015

December 2014

After my small November post, I figured I'd better start writing stuff down so I remember!

We did SinterKlaas with the girls. This was our first year doing it and they had SO much fun writing their letters and putting their boots out with a carrot for Schimel! They were out of bed plenty early asking if they could go downstairs and check out their boots. Katie is right at the age where everything seems magical. So fun!

We took a trip to Ikea to plan a kitchen. YES! We are putting in a new kitchen next spring(only eight years in the making!) However, Ikea is changing their kitchen system in February and currently is selling out all their old stock. The door that we wanted is a fairly popular one so there was a pretty good chance we wouldn't be able to get it even if we ordered that day. We weren't prepared to that, so we'll just bide our time and wait until the new system is in stores in February.  In the meantime we'll tackle all the other fixit things that need to be done in the kitchen before new cupboards go in!

We opened gifts with the kids early this year. Our extended family gatherings are back to back and the girls are usually generously gifted and can easily become overwhelmed and unfortunately demanding of more new stuff. So we thought we'd spread out the gifts a bit so they can enjoy them without the expectation of more gifts each day.  I have a separate post on opening gifts if you want to see what I made and bought for the kids this year.

We had our extended family parties. An elaborate dinner at my sister's in Guelph with fancy table and decorations and even fancier food! It was a fun day with the whole family and the kids all got spoiled!

 On Boxing day we went to Ben's parents for breakfast and the day! It was very relaxing, playing games, eating yummy food etc! The kids were spoiled again!

Ben made a little cubby room for the girls at the top of our stairs. I hope to do a blog post on that soon, so you can see what he did over the Christmas holidays! He's also finishing up a two-piece bathroom in the attic. Just painting, floor and trim and then we'll have a three-bathroom house!

That's all I can remember for now, of course if I did this in the beginning of January, I'd probably have better luck with my memory!

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