Friday, January 23, 2015

Emma is 3!

My Emma is three! Three years since her hour and half labour and delivery. Craziness, pure craziness.

The words/phrases that come to mind when I think of Emma are as follows:

Stubborn--Her way is the best and only way. It takes a lot of convincing and a firm hand to change her mind!

Sensative--if anyone other than me speaks to her firmly, she'll become very offended and need immediate comfort from me. She's even doing this to Ben lately!

Space-cadet--Seriously... this girl is so clued out sometimes. It's hilarious really. And just so Emma

Shy--Definitely not out-going like Katie. It takes her a while to warm up to people and she's pretty content to just play by herself when there are too many people.

Singer--She sings all day long. And she'll just sing two or three words to any tune in her head. Imagine Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star sung like this   "ouchie ouchie, ouchie, ouch, ouchie ouchie ouchie ouch...." Or whatever she has in her head.

Sweetheart--She comes running with the biggest hugs and "I just need you"! Melts me every time

Snuggler--for about 2 minutes at time, or randomly in the middle of the night.

Stinker--she likes a good joke and knows exactly how to tease her sister. She does it on purpose too!

Her vocabulary is growing daily, but her pronunciation still needs work. Sometimes she needs an intrerpreter, usually me or Katie. She can't say her Rs (which is rather adorable) and has trouble blending sounds. Her Js, TRs, Chs often sound like Shss.  Shon for John, Shain for train, Sheese for Cheese etc. She uses "grownup" words--"actuawy, I aweady did."

She's learning her letters and sounds and picks up a lot from Katie's school.

She knows if we don't follow routine and gets very upset about things not in the right order. She won't hesitate to correct you if you're wrong. 

She perfers pants to skirt.

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  1. She's a cutie that's for sure! She reminds me of my second born in some ways . . . Love the cubby too. We did something similar in our old (little!) house but used it for storage. No wasted space! Looks like a super cozy little playspot.