Saturday, March 28, 2015

Katie at 5!

Katie can count by twos and tie her shoes. Actually she can, which is fun! She can count to 100 and to 1000 by hundreds. She knows all her letters, can write them all and knows the sounds they make. We're working on blending initial sounds and she knows a number of sight words as well.

One of Katie's ambitions in life is to be a princess. She always wants a beautiful dress and jewellery. We're working on the whole "inward beauty" idea, something that's harder to grasp for a five year old.

Katie is a huge help to me. From tidying, to dusting, helping with Alex, being a step and fetch it, this girl plays a big part in our family.

She loves to dance, twirl, sing and wiggle her hips. She loves music and is always singing or humming.

Katie loves Adventures in Odyssey. She listens to a story during her quiet time everyday and Emma has started listening along. They were acting out one story with Duplo the other day, rather hilarious. Ben is pleased as punch with her "addiction" since he had/has the same love for the stories.

She loves her little brother. She smothers him in kisses and hugs and wants to carry him around. Alex is usually pretty good-natured about this. I however, have less patience for it! She can't wait until she's 12 and can babysit.

Katie is a typical oldest child. She likes to be in charge and tends to be rather bossy. She'll even try to boss around kids older than herself. The trouble is, she can be rather convincing so often the other kids will follow her. She's a leader for sure. Any tips on how to instill a less bossy attitude?

She has a very tender heart and a few well chosen words will usually quickly convict her of her wrong doing. 
We woke Katie up with breakfast and singing Happy Birthday
She had to open her presents right away, still in her pjs.

I crocheted this doll for Katie. I finished it at 11pm the night before. Katie named her Emily.
She has wire in her legs and body to allow her to stand or sit. I almost made her another dress which Katie uses for pajamas.

Katie had four girls over on her birthday between church. They made their own mini pizzas for lunch.

Reading a book Katie got from her birthday.

Birthday bumps from Uncle John and Grandma!

We celebrated Ben's birthday too!
And Charity's birthday!
We love our firstborn dearly and are so thankful God has entrusted her to us for five whole years! We looking forward to many more years with her and pray that God would use her for His good in His kingdom!

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  1. Haha, it looks like I was on my phone the whole night! I was just taking pictures :)